Labrador Retriever 
Jactisa´s Queen of Sheba

S13644/2006 G
Winnie's Jam Session
S59062/2004 G
Guideline's Jam And Fritters
S11753/97 S
Cambremer Wellington
S37746/2002 S
Guideline's Cuddle Up
S58740/2002 G
Winnie's Mary Go Round
S50547/2001 G
Jayncourt Natural Star
S23874/97 G
Winnie's Marrion
S10840/2003 S
Winnie's Monique
S40077/2000 S
Winnie's Madison
Cambremer Tom Cobbley Of Charway
S11200/93 S  
Novacroft Madeleine
S14494/2000 G
Winnie's Windsock
S18844/98 G
Carpenny Hurricane
S23404/95 S
Winnie's Formula Outline